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Title: Amateurs
Synopsis: A black and gloomy comedically stylized film about a young ice cream seller, Roob, who, almost by chance and thanks to his "multibusinessman" boss, happens to land the leading role in an underground porno film. Though the youngsters in the lead roles of the porno film realize that they have crossed the line that most of their fellow citizens might denounce as indecent, their helpless actions are somewhat pardoned by their curiosity and inexperience. The same cannot be said for the film crew, who are pragmatic and down-trodden and for whom there is no difference whether they are selling potatoes at the market or making a porno - as long as the money keeps rolling in.
Original title: Amatöörid

Screenwriter Armin Kõomägi, Marianne Kõrver
Director Marianne Kõrver
Director of Photography Mart Taniel
Sound Olger Bernadt
Art Director/Production Designer Katrin Sipelgas
Composer Sten Šeripov
Principal cast Jass Seljamaa, Merli Berg, Taavi Eelmaa, Juhan Ulfsak
Producer Riho Västrik
Production company Vesilind
Length 20 min
Screen ratio HD, 16:9, Stereo
Premiere/ to be released 22.05.2008
Festivals and awards
SCANORAMA Nordic Film Forum, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Shauliai / Lithuania